Meet the Mentors

Brett_Schwartz Email: Phone: 435-652-7593

Brett Schwartz

School: Dixie State University 2009 Major: BS Business Administration Brett is a St. George native who couldn't bear to leave the warm weather of the area. Having spent time overseas, Brett found his place at Dixie State University, where he got his degree in Business Administration. Brett decided on Dixie because, "I was offered more scholarship money from Dixie than any other school. With Dixie's tuition costs being so affordable, I was able to attend on a full-ride." Brett enjoyed his time so much at Dixie, he admits, "I often wish I could go back in time and live college life at Dixie again." Brett spends much of his free time on the golf course or on the hardwood of the basketball gym.

CJ_Ferguson Email: Phone: 435-652-7587

CJ Ferguson

School: Dixie State University 2009 Major: BS Communications CJ is originally from Austin, Texas and after spending a couple years after high school in Korea, found his way to Dixie State University. The original motivation to come to Dixie had to do with football, but CJ found a fantastic educational and social opportunity. " I had a few friends go to Dixie and knew some people from the St. George area and thought it would be a good fit for me." CJ spends most of his free time in the outdoors, which is one of the main reasons he stayed in St. George, "at any time of the year, you can be outside playing sports or just taking in the amazing scenery."