Student Requirements for Residency

Requirements for student residency according to Utah law:

  • Student must have maintained continuous residency in Utah for one full year before applying.
  • Student must sign a written declaration and provide proof and evidence that they have established residence in Utah and no other state.
  • Student must turn in residency application by the 7th day of classes for the semester.

Forms of acceptable proof

  • Utah Driver’s license
  • State tax return
  • Utah Voter Registration
  • Utility Bill
  • Pay/check stub
  • Rental agreement

PDF Application

Required Documents

  • Utah Driver’s License (Obtained 3 months prior to applying for residency)
  • Utah Vehicle Registration if you have a car for your use.
  • Proof of where you have been living for 12 months: Lease agreement or property tax notice
  • If under age 24, you must provide 1st page of your parent’s tax return showing that they are not claiming you on their taxes.
  • Utah Voter Registration

Supporting Documents

(The more you provide the better)

  • Official mail received at your current address
  • Check stubs from working in Utah
  • Utility bill in your name at your current address
  • Utah Bank Account
  • Utah High School Transcript
  • Explanation of extenuating circumstances

Exceptions to Residency

(Each of the following exceptions requires official verification. Contact the Admissions Office for additional details.)

  • Native American who has a Certificate of Indian Blood on tribal rolls
  • U.S. Military personnel and their families are on active duty orders to Utah.
  • Current membership in the Utah National Guard or Job Corps students
  • Olympic training Athletes

Special Circumstances

Where residency can be gained in less than 12 months
(All these circumstances require official verification. Contact the Admissions Office for additional details.)

  • You moved to Utah for full time employment, and must be here for 4 consecutive months working full time prior to attending Dixie State University. Must provide documents from employer proving full time employment.
  • Your parents moved to Utah as a result of full-time permanent employment, and you are an unmarried dependent student under the age of 24.
  • One or both of your parents have resided in Utah at least 12 continuous months and you are an unmarried dependent student under the age of 24.
  • Marriage to a Utah Resident- (Spouse must be considered a resident BEFORE the marriage). Must provide marriage license, you and your spouse’s driver license, and proof of where you live in Utah.
  • You/spouse/parents are active duty military personnel stationed in Utah or have declared Utah as home of record and are paying Utah State taxes.
  • Student is a client of a Social or Rehabilitation Service Agency in Utah and has provided documentation of domiciliary intent. The student will also need to provide verification that the agency is providing full payment of tuition and fees.